I'll be god-damned if I'm going to vote for 4 more years of the Republicans that have so thoroughly F'ed up our economy, our military, our environmental progress, our civil liberties, our rule of law vis-a-vis separation of powers, and our international reputation.

Not so fast Mike, Its easy for us to try to lay blame in one definable recognizable area, but truth be told at least on the current financial well being you need to look across the board at the Democrats for approving all the spending (as they have been in control of the congress for quite some time.) So your punishment needs to be a little broader then the just GOP.

One concerning issue is that with Obama in the oval office, the congress may continue to be business as usual. The biggest indictor of that has been the lack or real alternative proposals to all the crap that has come from the GOP. I mean if the GOP policy is so bad should it not be easy to propose alternatives that should get passed with ease? The years of approval of military spending without any real conditions is what I think amounts to my largest grip I have against the Democrats. This is why I don’t think regime change at the highest level is going to be the end all be all answer to all of our frustrations with the last 8 years. (But will be a start)