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Because he's the only remaining candidate who may ask us to take responsibility for our government again.

It seems to me that there's a pervasive attitude that if we just elect the right people, our government will solve our problems for us (whether that's energy independence, lower taxes, health care reform).

Excellent point, Daniel. And a well thought-out post, as always.

Smike, I may not be impressed by Obama's resume, but I'll be god-damned if I'm going to vote for 4 more years of the Republicans that have so thoroughly F'ed up our economy, our military, our environmental progress, our civil liberties, our rule of law vis-a-vis separation of powers, and our international reputation.

If that amounts to punishing the GOP for what I consider the W...P...E (c'mon, you know what that stands for), then so be it. They could put Superman on the ballot and I wouldn't support him.

(Worst. President. Ever.)

yes it's great Obama tax policies and labor union policies are only going to create less jobs in the US and more over seas.

Obama wants to cut taxes but also raise Capital gain taxes and that takes away cash from the small business man. So where is the money going to be for the small business man to hire someone.

Yet Obama wants to cut taxes for middle class but with his spending how in the heck is going to do that. Obama numbers do Not add up.

Obama wants stronger union labor polices so More companies will get up and go to Guatemala where unions are nonexistent.

sure Bush ran everything into a muck but really who will be better to get us out huh.

with Iraq seems like Obama will just pull everyone out. then what will happen you think the US dollar is bad now.
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