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Obama wants to cut taxes but also raise Capital gain taxes and that takes away cash from the small business man. So where is the money going to be for the small business man to hire someone.

Yet Obama wants to cut taxes for middle class but with his spending how in the heck is going to do that. Obama numbers do Not add up.

Obama wants stronger union labor polices so More companies will get up and go to Guatemala where unions are nonexistent.

sure Bush ran everything into a muck but really who will be better to get us out huh.

with Iraq seems like Obama will just pull everyone out. then what will happen you think the US dollar is bad now.

Obama's tax rates would still be lower than they were during the Clinton years. People, as I recall, did fine. And if we're not going to raise taxes, there had better be a plan for massive spending cuts, because we're simply not paying our bills as a nation. Yet McCain promises even more tax cuts. Yes, Obama's numbers do not add up. He's said he thinks it's more important to invest in infrastructure for future growth, which will outweigh the effects of added debt. But McCain's numbers don't add up to a far more severe degree.

As for unions, we've seen the incomes of the wealthy skyrocket over the past seven years while average incomes have dropped (adjusted for inflation). As Warren Buffet said, there is a class war, and his class is winning. Corporate profits are up but workers haven't shared. And that's partly because of the decline of unions. There are lots of businesses that can't just pick up and leave but are squeezing their employees. I think it's hard to blame unions for our nation's economic problems when the percentage of the unionized workforce is so small. And if employees have more money to spend, that's a virtuous economic cycle.

Read Obama's position on Iraq. He's not going to just pull everyone out. His plan has the support of the Iraqi government. And the reason the US dollar is weak has little to do with Iraq but with the fiscal irresponsibility of the present administration (and it will be even worse with more unpaid-for tax cuts).