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with Iraq seems like Obama will just pull everyone out. then what will happen you think the US dollar is bad now.

Apologies for the additional post, but...

One reason the dollar is in such bad shape is that we're borrowing all of the money for our military operation in Iraq (among other expenses). If you want a strong dollar back, call your congressman/woman and tell him/her to demand that people like us start picking up the bill instead of borrowing the money from China. And then we can also say that we're finally really supporting the troops instead of just talking about it. Double bonus!

But I don't want to hear: "I want an extended troop presence in Iraq, but I want someone else to pay for it." Things like that are why our fiscal house is in such bad shape. We should have the courage to say we're willing to pay for the things we want, or at least reorder our priorities to do so. (And there again is a bipartisan failure. I don't know what it says about Democratic support for insuring kids (expanding S-CHIP) that they care so strongly that they/we want smokers to pay the tab.)