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"I guess that's why industries are so flourishing in US now"

Weak dollar = large growth in exports = US business growth.

Some may argue that's the only thing keeping us out of the recession shit can at the moment.

duh this has been happening years before the weak dollar, and the export has to out weight the Importing

yup when the guy sweeping the floors and reads the newspaper the rest of the day makes more money then the guy who specializes in plasma welding, just because the floor sweeper has been at the company for 2 yrs longer. yet let's have stronger union policies makes sense then. So Corporate who started the company and or invented the product has to shell more dough for the floor sweeper. So up in goes the company to Mexico where they don't have to deal with Unions and pay lower wages. Yet unemployment is at what 5 year high and will rise with Obama.

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