First I must admit that very recent Obama votes and decisions have tempered my enthusiasm just as they disappointed Daniel. I want to thank him for his clear explanations that are not in following discussion. Despite this I have far more hope in Obama than any other candidate including Hillary, who I originally supported despite many disappointments in her.

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Originally Posted By: Smiketruth be told at least on the current financial well being you need to look across the board at the Democrats for approving all the spending (as they have been in control of the congress for quite some time.) So your punishment needs to be a little broader then the just GOP.

The years of approval of military spending without any real conditions is what I think amounts to my largest grip I have against the Democrats.

Good points.

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one of the bigger issues is who is going to go after the frat like Senate and Lobbyists.

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Because he's the only remaining candidate who may ask us to take responsibility for our government again.

I feel there is reason to believe or a least hope Daniel's response is correct and that Obama might be far better than any other candidate. I think he might explain to the public and rally them to support them to support congress for the issues he feels must pass. The following quote is from the top of his campaigns home page:

“I’m asking you to believe not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington...I am asking you to believe in yours”.

His original grass roots based campaign, and oratory skill have a chance of making a real difference. He just might be idealistic enough and inexperienced enough to try and successfully pull it off. There are no guarantees, but I am willing to be hopeful for a bit.

Whether or not Obama can do great things or not supporting him is a no brainer for me since I so strongly disagree with his opponents on almost every issue.