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the funny thing Obama is running for President and Palin was picked for Vice, but she has actually governed state. Palin has more experience than Obama who doesn't even Pledge Allegiance to the American flag. Talk about insulting!

First, can we please stop with the "Obama doesn't do the Pledge of Allegiance" thing already? It's been disproved over and over again--not that it should have ever mattered in the first place. If we're picking presidents over whether they obey certain rituals instead of what they're going to do about heath care and Iran, then it's no wonder why we've got a dysfunctional government.

The "experience" issue is a canard. Bush was experienced. Cheney was experienced. Rumsfeld was experienced. This was one of the most experienced administrations in recent history. But experience is useful only insofar as it informs judgment. And they were completely lacking in judgment.

And Obama has more experience than Lincoln did, and most people think Lincoln did a pretty good job. So I think we have to ask whether experience really correlates with job performance.

I recommend this Slate piece by Michael Kinsley. He argues that "experience" is the perennial criticism of presidential candidates because no one usually has it. If you're a governor, then you lack the requisite foreign policy experience. If you're a legislator, then you have no executive experience. (If by chance you've done both, then you're an insider who can't pursue reform.) The only single job that provides both executive and foreign policy experience is, well, being president.

But Kinsley argues that while the Palin pick says little about the value of experience, it does say something about the McCain campaign. Regardless of whether experience is important or not, it was the McCain campaign's chief argument for McCain and against Obama. By choosing Palin, the campaign now seems to hold that experience isn't all that important, which means that they didn't really mean it in the first place. Kinsley calls it "lying." And that's what should be insulting.