Yes it should matter Dan. Well let's have President that will Not Pledge to the US Flag geez what's next let's change the name from US to Clueless Obama nation. This is America which is falling apart because there's this group and don't offend that group. Go back to being an American that's were you live right... I think the New Yorker magazine depicted Obama and wife accurately

Your rebuttals i find are boring ex "yes Obama's numbers don't add up but McCains are worse" well McCain can kick Obamma ass if you want to put it that way.

sure go ahead look what the candidates are going to do. Obama will just let Iran going back to chaos that it was just great.

Keep bringing up experience is what the dems are doing for Palin. So you want to compare look at your Democratic selection.

Yup Lincoln wasn't much of a president. if The Emancipation Proclamation was written before the civil war started then maybe Lincoln would have been an good president.
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