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Yes it should matter Dan.

So, if you had a candidate who matched your views on the economy, on Iraq, on health care...you'd still vote against him or her because he or she wouldn't put his hand over his heart?

Moreover, the allegation that Obama doesn't say the Pledge is just false. But if people don't want to believe the facts, there's not much room for further discussion.

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Your rebuttals i find are boring ex "yes Obama's numbers don't add up but McCains are worse" well McCain can kick Obamma ass if you want to put it that way.

Is that a response? If you want to discuss fiscal policy, let's discuss it. Again, I think it's a fact that McCain's budget numbers are more fiscally irresponsible than Obama's. But if that's what you want to vote for, that's your choice.

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sure go ahead look what the candidates are going to do. Obama will just let Iran going back to chaos that it was just great.

I think you mean Iraq. And I believe that those who think we should stay indefinitely in Iraq should at least support raising our taxes to pay for it instead of borrowing the money from China.

Also, Obama has not proposed picking up and leaving. He has proposed an orderly withdrawal over a period of time. Some people think that's exactly what's needed to put pressure on the Iraqi government to get its act together. But reasonable people can differ as to what they think will happen.

As for Iran, McCain seems to support the policy of not engaging that nation at all. That's the same policy that hasn't worked for the past seven years, and I see no reason why it would work in the next four.

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Keep bringing up experience is what the dems are doing for Palin. So you want to compare look at your Democratic selection.

I was arguing that experience was not a good indicator of performance. I was also arguing that the McCain campaign doesn't really mean it when they say experience is important. Read the Kinsley article I referenced, and let me know what you think. (Also, as Kinsley points out, when Republicans aren't touting the importance of experience, they're busy pushing term limits to ensure no one has it.)

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Yup Lincoln wasn't much of a president. if The Emancipation Proclamation was written before the civil war started then maybe Lincoln would have been an good president.

Most historians put Lincoln at or near the top of the list. You're entitled to your opinion, but most people think he did a very good job in perhaps the most trying time in the history of the nation.