After 2 hours of trail running Sunday morning I then met up with my old climbing partner & original wag Bwana Jim at the Mac wall. Between pitches ( & cigs) he told me he couldn't see how any climber would end up running. He makes a good point.....

In case you are considering this ( this may very well be our last time doing the run) there are some additional official/unofficial wagathon info for 2008 fun run.

print out a route description from the wag website & carry a copy with you. Consult the Shawangunk Trails Map Set for further clarification (available online for purchase from Rock & Snow). There will be no marking of the route.

This is an informal group fun run (not a race) where we share with old and new friends the beauty of the ridge.There is absolutely NO aid provided during this run and all aspects of it are the runners (or walkers) sole responsibility. Carry what you need & go as fast or slow as you like.

If you don't have a membership to the mohonk preserve run with $10 and give it to the first ranger you see. Better yet purchase a membership prior Please carry your membership card with you.

All wildlife, millipedes, hikers, pad people, walkers, baby joggers, fallen leaf lookers , etc., have the right of way. Please be courteous and thoughtful when approaching others. The only exceptions to this are Jack Russell Terriers.

Consider running with a cell phone. it might just work from over there in which case you can call someone over somewhere

If you are allergic to b stings plan accordingly. not likely for b's in November but in both the escarpment and pfalts point there were issues this year

If you are not sure about covering the distance or are having a bad day plan on a possible bailout point. A good idea would be having a support person to check in with you at some point. The Trapps bridge is an ideal location and if need be an easy hitch into town. If you make it to Skytop it is virtually all downhill from there.

To offset the cost of beer, Rock & Snow is offering up a pair of either Inov8, Salomon, or Sportiva trail running shoes (your choice/any in stock) to first in male, female runners.

The Shawangunk Running Company is also offering a prize (Go Lite Windproof Shells) to someone other than the "winner". Pretty good odds as our turnout is always poor.

If you are foolish enough to be first in and are broke (which is understandable) you can opt to run out the back door and lobby congress for a taxpayer bailout ...I mean Rescue Plan.

However, if you are an investment banker who is a recipient of our yet to be earned bail out money, a CEO of a global energy corporation, or you have been doing well shorting stocks consider a generous donation to the Mohonk Preserve... they are the greatest & worthy of our support.

today you just have to ask yourself: are you better off now after 8 years of W? I couldn't help myself. See you all on the 9th........

BTW: none of these organizations are in any way affiliated with, nor endorse the opinions & activities of the WAGs. nor do we.........