It would be hard for me to imagine a more perfect wagathon. It's always a thrill to see who shows up and this year there was an interesting mix of hard-core ultra runners on one hand and not so hard-core on the other. ironman, ultra runner, marathoner, central park jogger, climber. There was also a nice youthful presence. Weather could not have been better.
I think 28 in all & maybe another 5 who ran from the Trapps Bridge to the end. 7 women this year. Of the 28 starters all but one finished. Three finishers had never completed a marathon distance before. Zach once again found a way to get hopelessly lost running all the way down to Gardiner via that steep hill at Awosting preserve; stopped at the Brahaus (one pub wasn't enough) hitched a ride to lenape lane, ran up to the tower and carried on back to New Paltz???????
Dr. Jay smoked the run at 4:07!!! Climb up to the tower at Sky Top and look south to Sams point, then down to New Paltz. Awesome. Sheryl Wheeler (3 time escarpment female winner) was first in woman at 5:40. 5 in all finished in under 5 hours & amongst them even a climber, Tom Kaplan!. Fortunately for me many were taking their time (some having run a marathon on saturday or an ultra the weekend prior) and the "liesurely" pace allowed for a chance to meet and talk. Some of these crazies seem to do this kind of thing every weekend!
In addition to the "winners" two other awards were handed out. Dr. Jay had suggested these go to two individuals who might not be recognized in a typical race. posters (& lurkers) on this forum will recognize Lisa for her upbeat possitive attitude. a talented recruiter for the wag also. the other went out to Scott. Some of you will recall the young climber skateboarder dude who 2 years ago made it as far as the mountain house, and that only through total grit and determination. This year with a little training and strategy he smiled his way to the pub. Very cool.

thanks again to rock & snow and to shawangunk running company. thanks to all who came out both to run and to help.

As in past years I take a brief moment beneath sky top. I always loved the walk back to the uberfall after a late day & it seems we were always doing that in the dark. I miss those days. but standing below foops, i could swear that i see tick marks on the key holds. it's a miracle......