Malibu Creek and Stoney are probably the only two MAJOR areas and both are great for bouldering. There are so many little, overlooked places. Horse Flats, up Angeles Crest is a really great area but it is probably outside of an hour. Well, you could make it there in an hour if you drive real fast.

There is a book on bouldering in so cal by Craig Fry that you can scan through in a bookstore. Dont buy it, a new additoin has to be coming out soon that will cover some areas a lot better. Keep in mind that a few of these areas are included and I really think that he really underestimates the lack of quality some of these areas have. I just dont like twenty minute hikes through poision oak to go to something that I think sucks.

Anyhow here is an awsome site for Stoney Point. Have fun while you are here!

Oh yeah, if you are going to be here over the fourth of july, go down to Hermosa/Manhattan Beach which is only twenty minutes south of Santa Monica. It is probably the biggest party I have ever seen- you WILL like it. Beer, sun, skin, fireworks, beer and skin- It is a good time.