OK boys and girls. I'll try and post one every night for your viewing pleasure and include its story.
so here's the bianchi.


I picked this up in the mid 90s well used in a bike shop, for around 100 bucks, desperate for something to ride in a century I was doing. it's a celeste green "professional" model. at the time I got it already the components were so worn most of the writing was worn off so I can't tell what it is. the brake levers are ventilated- nice 70's touch. probably most everything is non original but that's what I like about it. well the next day after I bought it I rode that century off the couch and oh what fun we had.
I had new wheels built for clinchers eventually and now just last summer converted the handlebars (complete with celeste green tape!) I love the more upright but still slightly sporty riding position.
the saddle is "Kashimax" whatever that is but fits my butt great. when I changed the bars I also changed to plain flat pedals. just jump on the bike and ride, no matter what shoes you are wearing.* another great feature.
to round everything out I found a lightweight, old vintage bell in a friends garage (where I have also found lots of other cool bits for other bikes.)

*or even barefoot!
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