well I am determined to liven the place up a bit.
climbing is boring anyway.
this is the most obscure bicycle in the known universe. I have posted pictures of her.


she was a garage sale queen I picked up for 20 bucks. missing a few components...
and I have never been able to find out a thing about the maker. a decal says "made in Italy" and she looks 1970s vintage, lugged frame, decent work, campy record.
she was a kind of long term project.
weird orange paint job, left intact cuz I don't want to mess with the original decals.
she was missing crank set and I found a shimano deore set that I fit in place.
the seat post required custom machining work in order to fit it in place. performed by me, of course. I put a Specialized seat on.
the rims are obscure "Nisi" make.
fitted Weinmann centerpull.
Priest style handlebars replaced the drops.
schwortz helped me with a bit of this stuff. like the brakes and cables. thanks, schwortz!

components other than I had to replace are Campy.

sew up tires I am leaving for now.

anyone ever hear of this brand bike? Please get in touch with me.

Oh, and the lugwork is pretty nice actually, especially the fork crowns which are chromed but have suffered some corrosion.

Love those old steel frames and the craftsmanship.
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