Fraser, The Spruceton Trail up the backside to Hunter is a great tour. Long and low angle for most of the beginning, then it winds around a little steeply up to the ridge and finally to the tower. Plan it on a blue sky day, climb the tower and get a great view to the Hunter $ki area waaaaaay down there. Hunter is large enough to offer other descents as well, all far and away from the $ki area including a run from summit SE to Devil's Path to Diamond Notch back to Diamond Notch Rd. or Spruceton.
Tremper from the Phoencia side is short steep and very fun.
Slide from the Burrows Range Trail from Slide Mountain Rd,
We once tried the Cornell, Wittenberg, Slide Loop in old school touring gear. Though we finished the peaks, we got benighted at the road and hitched a ride back to Woodland Valley.
Bellearye from Lost Clove Rd.
Panther from Fox Hollow is very nice though finding the real summit is a chore,
Overlook, there is a nice glade down from the Overlook Trail to Echo Lake then back up and out.
Balsam Lake Mtn, a direct glade descent to the SE from the summit brings you back to the trail for Quacker Clearing on Beaver Kill Rd.
All these runs are on hiking trails or adjacent glades near to trails. With enough snow coverage I would recommend these and have done them a number of times each. Further exploration or sharing will hopefully open up more. Good luck. RC

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