Thanks to all.

Today I went to Diamond Notch Rd and parked at the trail head. It was the most familiar to me from ice climbing at Stoney Clove. I put my skins on at the bottom and worked up a major sweat. Conditions were ideal - fresh powder and blue skies. I stopped at the lean to for lunch. Then I met a couple on snow shoes and another couple skiing up on skinny skis from the Spruceton Rd. I skiied down to the car park on Spruceton Rd and then hiked back up and over. There are a few blow downs on the Diamond Notch trail and it was a little overgrown with lots of water. The trail is a little narrow for turns, especially with the powder but that's backcountry skiing.

The other couple on skis mentioned Mink Hollow Rd as a good alternative. That's on the tick list too. I heard the Overlook trail is good.

Rickster - thanks for the tips - that's a seasons worth at least!

I would recommend the Diamond Notch trail - reminiscent of the Wildcat to Jackson trail in NH but less groomed.