At Mt Lemmon, we seem to always spend a lot of time at Windy Point, and the one or two pull-outs before the main one. You may already know this, but if you haven't been to Lemmon before, and plan to use "Squeezing the Lemmon II" as your guidebook, it's very very handy to go to and copy the mile marker changes. They massively overhauled the highway up there, and moved the mile marker posts. The first couple of times we were there, we spent a ton of time wandering around trying to figure out which formations were where, only to find out that the mile markers weren't quite right. It's much more fun to go there now that we kind of know the lay of the land. I've only climbed at Cochise once, at Sheepshead (which was great), so I can't say anything comparative about the other areas there. But it's a great place to climb.