I thank oneo for pointing out the technical problems.

To continue with Jane Meyer's excerpt:

"They do not believe that it is the President's prerogative to lock 'enemy combatants' up indefinitely, yet they fear that neither the criminal courts nor the military system is suited for the handling of transnational terrorists, whom they do not consider to be ordinary criminals or conventional soldiers. Instead, they suggest that Obama should work with Congress to write new laws, possibly creating a 'national-security court,' which could order certain suspects to be held without a trial."

Now, I don't believe that indefinite detention is justified. And I believe that implementing such a system would harm us more than it would help us. But the fact that such issues are being intensely discussed--and that Jane Meyer could write such a long article on the topic--indicate to me that the issue really is not simple, and so the cartoon is off base in merely asserting otherwise.

I have my opinion on the matter, and I will be critical and disappointed if the Obama administration concludes otherwise and is unable to convince me that they're right. But I'm going to give them more than a month to reach a decision, and I think it's a little premature to take them to task for a decision they haven't even made yet.

Oeno, I'm curious. You read the Jane Mayer article. Do you still agree with the cartoon that the issue is not at least somewhat complicated? How do we know things would have been different under Nader regarding this issue when the Obama administration hasn't reached a conclusion?