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Whatever the case, I would like to see or hear something to the effect that the US Constitution shall strictly apply. I did not see or hear that. It can not be taken for granted nowadays.

Part of the problem is that people differ on what the US Constitution says and therefore what it means to "strictly apply" it. I strongly disagree with what the Bush administration said the Constitution says, but I have little doubt that they (or at least most of them) believed they were acting within constitutional constraints, regardless of how ridiculous some of us thought their interpretations of the Constitution were.

Still, I agree that fairly obvious interpretations of the Constitution cannot be taken for granted. And I would like to see a clear rejection of indefinite detention policies (absent some form of due process akin to a criminal proceeding). But I'll critique the new administration when they come to a decision. As Andrew Sullivan said regarding the Obama administration's wrangling of many crises and issues simultaneously: "Give them time. Then give them hell."