Hey Ped,

1. I'm land owner hostile? Why, because I called Paul out on his calling on the GCC to intervene in the nears while keeping his land closed? I have stated from the get go that Paul can do what he pleases with his land and all the power to him but the hipocrisy is profound. Paul can go on and on about the Cereus way crag not being a destination crag, parking, access determined by a group, etc but in the end if you call on the GCC or other authorities to intervene with access issues while your crag is closed you are not only a hipocrite you are a first class douche.

2. While on the topic of first class douches, and I mean this with the utmost respect, Where are all of Nate's bright ideas?

3. I offered my OPINION on the GCC and the roles that are not being played by our representatives. My solution was to hold new elections. If you don't like it, say so and move on, but you keep talking like some guy who likes the sound of his own voice. I think Dizz makes some good points and nominations could be held online so maybe it's time to nominate some new blood.