"no one climbs on this forum except RangerRob."

Now that's some funny shite.

Arno's method wasn't proven until it was adopted. Horst didn't gain authority until he'd published a book. And crossfit would have been called crazy ten years ago. Hard to imagine, 'cause each of them has super valuable things to say.

I've always believed in letting people judge for themselves whether something is BS or true for them. So, five years from now, you'll either say I'm an authority on what I speak, or I'm not. I'm fine either way.

For the moment, though, I can't go into too much detail about all this, since I'm still exploring the potential this stuff has. Plus, on an internet forum like this it wouldn't be of much use anyway. It would be like me describing the mechanics of crimping...interesting, sure, but probably not gonna make you climb harder.

Frankly, I think what I'm offering will be most applicable to climbers who feel they're at their limit. But who knows, hence this initial feeler.