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but in the end if you call on the GCC or other authorities to intervene with access issues while your crag is closed you are not only a hipocrite you are a
first class douche.

Thank you for proving my point beyond a shadow of a doubt. Calling a landowner a dbag... very mature way to make your point. Yes, you are landowner-hostile, and you have like zero social skills, and if the GCC ever has guys like you running the show, we will be screwed.

but you keep talking like some guy who likes the sound of his own voice.

You'd be the expert on that. I think you'll find that opinions are like a_holes: everyone has one. My opinion is that you owe Paul a sincere, well-thought-out apology.

Edited to add: and Chris, and Annie, and, oh hell, the list is growing faster than I can keep track of.

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