i dont get it

you wont tell us what you're talking about but you're asking for participants

your best pitch is we might quit climbing after working with you or we'll climb harder

you say you cant talk about because you're not ready. so then why are you posting asking for people to give up their time and energy?

you say the internet isnt appropriate for this so then why are you posting it here?

actually as opposed to what you say, all of the other people/methods i mentioned earlier were put forth by people with credentials, based on existing knowledge and experience in a variety of related fields and endeavors

thus i repeat

what are your credentials?
why choose something unknown, cryptically presented, and unproven when one can go with any variety of a number of other methods that have served many well over many years?

if you want to run an intellectual ponzi scheme great. if you want to add to collective knowledge then either put up or shut up - in this case tell us what you're talking about and why we should listen to you or go away until you're ready to so.

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