Camhead, sorry you didn't send the route. For what it's worth, I can't send it either. Andrew is right, if Eddie were around there would be no fixed wires on the route. My guess is that they have not been fixed all that long. I've aided it a few times, and never had more than one fixed piece on it, not including the pins. My point for the whole thread was that I think the local ethic here is that you don't prefix routes for a pink point, and then leave to give it a burn later. Whether it is 5 hours later, or 3 days later. It should be fully expected that the cliff scavengers will devour up your fixed gear. It's not considered stealing. More like....Manna from heaven. Now, if I had seen you and hid in the boulders waiting for you to leave, then scored your gear....that's stealing and I would deserve a good ass whipping. I didn't you, or anyone for several hours, and made sure it wasn;t the result of an accident. You prevailed though and got your gear before I got back at 10:30 to clean the route, so all is good. Were you and your group hanging out in the overlook parking after you cleaned your gear? My buddy and I pulled up to go in and there was a small crowd. I wondered if it was the KC climbers.

Just to be clear, I would never go to another climbing area and attempt this. I don't know the local ethic there, and it would be wholly presumptuous of me to strip a route before asking. If I wanted to climb it, the gear would be cleaned, and left at the base for the owner. Perhaps a nicer RR would do that here at the Gunks...but I'm poor, and this is how I supplement my rack!!