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I guess this is the part of this mea culpa that bugs me. It's the unabashed moral superiority of those from somewhere out west. Those of us from the uncouth east who must have a crisis of faith to pass "free gear" don't need this sanctimonious judgement. I have found that too many folks from Boulder and SLC are just insufferable with their condemnations of the "east coast" vibe. Guess what_ not all of us fit your stereotype.

um, enough people were having a crisis of faith about "free gear" that was up for an afternoon that there was a four or five page thread about whether it should rightfully have been taken before the climber posted up.

and it's not the whole east coast, it's just new england. people in wv, for example, don't consider gear for working a route to be fair game if you walk away for a couple hours.

and speaking of east coast- i'm from south carolina. so while my judgement may be regional, it's not from out west.