That may sadly be true, even for me. I was watching a beginner futz around with a cam about 20 feet up Horseman, and she couldn't get it out. For a short period of time I considered lurking about until they came down and left, and then gone up and snagged it. My little angel shoulder told me to solo up and retrieve it for them while they were coming down, and I gave it back to them. I could have scored a brand new .75 camalot, but being the lame ass sap I am, I did the right thing.

And's only four pages so far..but let's keep it going!! Those topropes will get shoved aside or pulled if no one is actively on it. I don't stand for that. Climb it or get the hell off of it.

Some knuckleheads were tring slammin the salmon (imagine that!) and they were running their tr through the bottom of the chains. When I got to the anchor after seconding Birdland I had to wait for 15 minutes while the dude worked his moves and got to the ledge to get his damned rope out of the rap anchor. Pissed me off! You should not be tring through the chains! That is inconsiderate and lazy in the least, and destructive at most. LAZY!!!!!!