While visiting family in CA I took a trip to the town of Idylwild to climb at Tahquitz Rock. Wow!! This place is amazing. The drive in was a 25 mile scenic drive on Rt 243 climbing to 6000 ft. in the San Jacinto Mountains. You then must hike up to the rock, which starts at about 7000 ft. The summit is at about 8000 ft. You can imagine the spectacular views.

The climbing is every bit as good as the views. The routes are long (500-1000 ft) and exposed. The rock is granite and friction is great. There is lots of crack climbing and some face and friction climbing. I guess the difficult approach discourages the masses, so even the weekend offered crowd free climbing.

I did 2 routes. Fingertip Traverse*(5.3/5.4 depending on which guidebook you get) and Fingertrip ***classic(5.7 with a 5.8 variation on the first pitch). They were both excellent--varied climbing and really exposed at times.

By the way, the weather is great for summer climbing. It was 80-85 and breezy on July 1. I highly recommend this area if you are in So. Cal. when it is too hot for J. Tree.