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Aren't well all newbies on some level? Or are you using the word "Noob" to describe someone who is misinformed? I've always disliked that word. It smacks of internet elitism. "I climb 5.X and have been doing so for X years. I can't be a noob!"

A "noob" is someone new to the internet. Someone not familiar with websites, someone who would read a headline, and then act on the headline without reading the entire article or comments attached. That noob could be a 5.14 climber, it's not saying anything about their climbing ability, just their inability to use a website.

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That being said, it is kind of silly that the one website specifically devoted to Gunks climbing is more outdated on Gunks closures than generic climbing sites.

I posted here and some other sites at the same time, so everyone basically got the same information in the same manner. I mean, there isn't a site out there that has a big banner that says "gunks ban lifted" on the front page, is there? To find that the closure had been lifted, they would have had to go into the discussion forums and find out, just like they would have to do here.

Yeah, the article on the front page should be updated by the webmaster, but well there is a comment posted only a week after the ban was lifted.