Just returned from three weeks in Cambodia. Armed with a copy of Rock Climbing in Cambodia (yes, there is a climbing guide to Cambodia), we braved the heat and humidity to go cragging at a place about an hour from Phnom Penh. It was sunny, at least 95F and as close to 100% humidity as you can get with the sun out. It made a summer day in the Gunks seem downright dry.

Above: the crag as seen from Highway 6.

Above: A bit closer to the rock.

We ran into a bunch of the local kids, who hung at the base with us, cleared brush and got to do a couple climbs:

Above: One of the local kids TRing a 5.7 route.

Above: The local kids clearing away brush from the base of the route (watch the rope!).

One of the locals showing his picture in the guidebook!

The cliff comes into the sun about 1030am at this time of year, so if you go, go early to beat the heat.

There are glue in bolts on top of the routes and some lines have bolts for leading. We thought the handful of routes we did were a little soft on the ratings, but it was very fun nonetheless and now we can say we've climbed in Cambodia!

Oh, and yes, we went to a bunch of cool temples and saw lots of incredible stuff besides the climbing!