i love my big bro.

i have a #1 and have used it a fair amount here in the east, on OW's and non OW's.

since i bought it this spring, I've used it one every climb i've done at the Delaware Water Gap (about 6) and i've used them on occasion in the gunks and adirondacks. a friend of mine just bought 1-3 because he moved out west, but before he left, he found a climb at the trapps where he got to use all 3.


i have used big cams and big bros and i like my bros better. I've had some people tell me that the Bros are useless out here on the right coast because very few of our cracks are splitters, but just like with any other piece, if you are on the look out for placements, you'll find them and with only a little playing around, big bros can be bomber in even the most pebbly gunks OW.

plus it gives my female partners great lines through out the day, "is that a big bro in your pocket, or are you just happy so see me!"