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Have you actually looked at the site? Have you clicked on any of the links? About? Bike? Hike? Food? Lodging? Climb?

Gunks.com isn't a site about the Gunks. It was at one time, but right now, it's a single page with a single outdated headline. Is that embarrassing? You're right, it should be. But considering that there's nothing on the site, and hasn't been any for FOUR months, I think it's a little late to say it's damaging the reputation of the site.

Just a quick update on the Homepage links...and, I'm really just wondering why. I'm well past the mild annoyance stage and have quietly settled into the "oh well" stage:

Home Page: You all know what's there.
About: "Comments are closed".
Discussion: Best part of the site.
Bike: Same as the Home page.
Climb: An ad for the beginners climbing school at Chelsea Piers which was held back in August is still there. And, when I clicked on "climb", it stated under the "Posted By" tag that I had also posted in the climb section at a certain time and date just by clicking on "climb". You'll have to click on it to know what I'm talking about.
Entertainment: Same as the Home page.
Food: Same ad as in the "climb" section. What the...???
Hike: Ad for Shawangunk Runners Summer XC Series held back in July.
Lodging: Same as the Home page.

OK...I know I'm beating the veritable dead horse. But, if I wanted to experience the gunks as a first time visitor/climber and came to this site, I'd have to scratch my head and mutter WHAT THE...???

Mild rant over.