The GCC's position is that climbers should never trespass on private land where trespassing is forbidden and to respect all closures on public and private lands. Questions about closures should preferably be directed at the GCC or the Access Fund. Rock and Snow in New Paltz is another reliable source. If there is any doubt, then a property should be considered off limits. If possible and appropriate, information about closures will be communicated in bulletins to the climbing public. In cases where property boundaries are in dispute, it is best to avoid climbing in the vicinity altogether or to get very intimately informed as where said boundaries are. Even the GCC may not always have the most accurate information. In these cases it is caveat emptor.

Even in areas where climbing is legal, on the Shawangunk ridge there are rare fauna and flora and climbers must be aware of their impact and absolutely minimize it. The Shawangunks are very heavily used and climbers must be aware that low impact is much more crucial here than in most other climbing areas if we are to continue to enjoy this resource relatively freely. Please be aware of and abide by all rules and regulations wherever you are climbing.

It is our policy not to post any information about certain climbing areas that are closed to climbing due to wishes of landowners. If exploring climbing unknown to you always check with the landowner first.