Chas -

Absolutely let's go climbing! I got you covered for gear, other than shoes and a harness (and a place to stay, if you don't mind children and dogs).

I'll be in the States July 6 through 27, but other than that, I'll be here and happy to climb. Let me know your schedule, when it firms up, and we'll work something out.

(And yes, rainy season just started. Nonetheless, we sneak in days at Makuiwa/Yugawara (just avoid the mamushi and the millipedes!), and head up to Ogawayama when the weather looks safe.)

Alicex4 -

I got a late start climbing, and sadly my magazine collection doesn't go back that far. Ogawayama could be the one you're thinking of, though - it's considered one of Japan's premier areas.

Want to hitch a ride with Chas and come climbin'?

Everybody -

Speaking of my trip to the States, by the way, I'll probably be climbing at the gunks Thursday and Friday, July 11 and 12. Anybody gonna be around? Maybe beers at the Otter or whatever? I've never been there, but I figure if I just look for lots of people arguing about bolting ethics and wearing thongs, I should find it with no trouble!

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