Hey Gunkies! I thought I would revive this thread and poke the pissed off lion in the cage a bit more. Anyway, we came back to the Gunks for another busy weekend this past C-day. I got on Kansas City once again; it was the end of the day, and I was planning to hang my draws on one go, and then leave them over night so I could come back the next morning. Unfortunately, I could not do this, because I sent it fairly quickly.

I do think that Rangerrob and all the other armchair ethicists have been slacking, however, because all that fixed gear was still on the route. Some selfish litterbug aid climber deprived me of a true trad ascent, and I cried the real tears all night.

I'm still unsure whether this is a trad pinkpoint, or a sport redpoint. Although, there are at least two videos on youtube dating back over a decade of the route, and both show the in-situ gear.

Anyway, that's all, back to your regular programing; the Gunks are awesome, and I can't wait to get back!