ok, ok, I'm going to reply again.

First off, Jstan, thanks for your comments on the early ascents of KC; I really was curious to know how much fixed gear left over from aid ascents was on it, since, obviously many other established free climbs were put up using aid-era pins. My comment about removing the pins from Co-ex was meant to be utterly tongue-in-cheek for that reason, since so many people here will complain about fixed gear, but then clip a piton. I suppose that is just the line that we have all drawn in this game.

Furthermore, I am standing by the "armchair ethicists" comment. This entire thread was originally made up of people complaining about a "pinkpoint" ascent of KC, who had NO idea that there were fixed stoppers on the route. Nobody had thought to go look at it until I chimed in. Hence, "armchair ethicists." Maybe I should have changed it to "5.8 ethicists," I dunno.

It is really cool that Johns Bragg and Stannard did the roof placing gear on lead. If I had had more time I would have loved to do so as well, avoiding the stoppers and the pin at the lip, and it would have definitely made the route MUCH more challenging and committing.

However, I do think that it is interesting that no recent ascents I know of have placed their own gear. As I said, two videos on youtube, several photos on mountainproject, and my own conversations with one other person who sent it; all of them were essentially sport redpoints. The stoppers are still there, and a few looked VERY old.

end of rant.