First of all, congrats on the send. What a cool roof, you must've been psyched!

I do think that Rangerrob and all the other armchair ethicists have been slacking, however, because all that fixed gear was still on the route. Some selfish litterbug aid climber deprived me of a true trad ascent, and I cried the real tears all night.

What gear do you mean? I've only been on the route once - I aided it, oh, around five or six years ago. I can say pretty confidently that every nut, cam, and ballnut I clipped were ones that I placed, and I removed. None were fixed. As for pins, I don't recall what there was in situ, but if they were there, they were very few, and didn't do much either to get me out the roof, or over the lip (the aid crux).