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I have read material from Lawrence B. Wilkerson, "Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell" and have much respect for his vast and storied career, both military and professional. And, if you've read Lawrence B. Wilkerson, "Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell", you'll come to understand that he became very disillusioned with his prior political beliefs for various reasons he most vociferously espouses. He is most vocal about blaming Dick Cheney from everything from the disappearance of Amelia Earhart to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

In over eight years, more than half of the almost 800 Gitmo prisoners have already been released, with another appr. 200+ released this year. This leaves just over 200 prisoners left on site. In his writings, Wilkerson has stated that appr. 90% of the current Gitmo prisoners do not present a security risk to this country…that leave just a little over 20 prisoners that are "really" security risks to this country.

Personally, I find that to be a load of horsecrap.

The last minute of the program I referenced states that due to complaint that there were no high value prisoners at Guantanamo GW had 14 brought in from the CIA. So 20 is probably very realistic.

Perhaps youd "care to expound on your reasonings"