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Why are we screening "everyone" when there really seems to be a "profile" to these attacks? Blindly allowing PC pressure to spread out the security on everyone instead of concentrating the security and screening on the smaller pool of suspects seems irrational.

Only the ignorant who steadfastly deny that profiling doesn't work and is a waste of resources continue to promote the idea. Hence some of the loudest voices coming from Fux News.

"I'm going to argue that this case illustrates the danger and the foolishness of profiling because people's conception of what a potential terrorist looks like often doesn't match reality. In this case we had a Nigerian, for example, not a person from the Middle East or from South Asia. If you look at the airline plot of 2006, two of the plotters were a married couple that were going to get on a plane with a young baby. The terrorists understand that the more they vary the kind of operative they use, the more likely they're going to be able to exploit prejudices if we allow those prejudices to guide the way we conduct our investigation.

I think it's not only problematic from civil rights' standpoint, but frankly,I think it winds up not being terribly effective."
- former Bush Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on an NPR interview this week.
- Marc