Considering the forecast, I'd hold off till next weekend for an over night ski tour in the Catskills. The snow expected later in the week will do a lot to replenish the snow cover after two days of rain. Altitude in the Catskills may not be sufficient enough to offer snow. We just got back from a ski tour of Bear Pen north of Fleishman's. Other than the snowmobiles tracking the route to the summit, it was a fine tour, with a mix of just about everything, wide sled groomed jeep road, tele, tight gullys, survival snow plow and slide slipping, some stride and glide, some bushwhacking and great views to the north. With the afternoon sun, we had some real hero snow not unlike late March corn. However, the coming rain will not help the conditions without some new snow soon after. Otherwise, enjoy your tour. Stay dry. RC