The Hunter trail up from Spruceton offered up some nice BC skiing today. All but a quarter mile section above the bridge had excellent coverage. That quarter mile above the first switchback was very thin and rocky due to wash outs from last month's big rain. Otherwise, nice freshies to the summit. We had light flurries all day, but the region really needs the 6" forecast for Tuesday. We saw or passed a large number of snowshoers many of whom took the ski lift ride up from Hunter Mtn Ski Bowl. One pair got "lost" taking a wrong turn and hiking downhill toward Rusk Mtn. Once turned around, we offered up some water and food, and got them on the trail back to the ski bowl. Street cloths, no water, no food, no idea! In addition two other skiers and 6 snowshoers, 4 of whom also took the chair. What's it all coming to when even snowshoers are taking the lift?
Hoping for more snow, RC