Mt. Tremper today was very rewarding. The trail had been broken out by a good sized group of snowshoers and a post holer. After digging out some parking for ourselves, our ski crew of 5 Gunkies hit the trail with one late arrival joining us for a short while. DL must have gotten tired of all our banter as he motored on ahead.

On our descent we cut all the hairpin turns with a fall line descent off trail in the adjacent glades to within about 50 yards of the car. Isn't GPS a wonder thing. The glades here are wide open as we wove our way through a few short ledge areas a few old quarry sites and some blow down. The snow got very wet and heavy as we got lower with something more akin to Sierra Cement. Upper reaches had well over four feet of snow. Most of it from the recent storm cycle. But, thin was not in our vocab today as the coverage was as complete as anyone could want. Other than the heavy snow density, it was good day to be out with friends.

Note: the up trail itself is still good for ascent, but for downhill, the post holers really tore it up. We were catching ski tips on the up and were very happy to escape using it on the down. RC