PB, No avy gear is necessary for Slide. The actual slide is heavily grown in with trees and studded with large boulders. It has been skied but is not very popular as it leaves you on the "wrong" side of the mountain. I don't know of today's conditions, but it is a nice tour, not the most exciting, but nice. Glade shots can be found along the sides if you keep your eyes open. The up track is most likely well broken out by snowshoes, bare booters or the occasional skier and with this snow pack, as fast as a luge run.

We skied up via Aumick Rd. to Awosting on Sat. Beautiful day, saw no one but a pair of dog walkers upon our return. The snow up high is still deep enough for some fine tree shots at least until the snow got way to soggy after about 1pm. With the way the approach switches back and forth, you can drop off the shoulder and fall line it down to the next road crossing, and continue on down through the trees or back on the road. A pair of snow mobiles poached from an adjacent property and chewed up some of the trail, but turned around way before the top. One might now have to walk in the first 1/8, but it should remain good for another few days. We went waxless, no skins. Enjoy, RC