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Welll......how did it go??

For me, I only ticked off one of the things on that list, and even that I failed to climb completely, having bailed off the last pitch of Repentence in the dark. However, all of the climbing I did in the Catskills this past season was on ground i hadn;t been on before. That included Two trips up Buttermilk Falls for various project, a few days on the ast side of Stony Clove, doing lines north of the playground.

In the Adirondacks I did a bunch of stuff I had never done before. Names are mostly unknown to me, but I did manage to eye a line at Chapel Pond that looked friggin awesome, find out what it was, and climb it with two locals two weekends later. Turns out the name of the route was "As You Like it" ( I think it was anyway). When we got on it was after the big thaw they had, and it was significantly thin on P2, making it mostly dry tooling on vertical to overhanging and very exposed rock, which led to a final vertical pillar to top out. Wild ride!!!P1 was a long, tight, thin groove. Think White Line Fever on acid. Very little ice in the corner. Was pretty cool. I just wish I didn't have a hangover from the scotch party we had at the Ausable Inn the night before.

So, how was everyone elses season? Kathy....how did the limp noodle arms do this past year?


RR...when you bailed off Repentance, what did you use for an anchor?