After a ten-year hiatus (bad knee - long story), I am finally back to running. I do not run on pavement or any hard surface, so I am bound to carriage roads. I cannot run on flat, as my attention span cannot be sustained - I get bored to tears, no amount of alternating from fast to slow and back makes it interesting for me. So I run hills - the steeper the better. Alas, there are only a handful of hills that I know of on the east side of the Ridge:
- Duck Pond to Sky Top loop
- Spring Farm
- Aumick Road to Awosting lake via Awosting Preserve (wicked long arduous hills...)

I am contemplating branching out of the carriage roads and start trail running, to keep my interest afloat. I am looking to build endurance more than anything else. I truly cannot afford to injure myself (knees, back or combination thereof) as that would be a major setback on where I finally got myself back.

Any suggestions as to which trail(s) might be fun & knee friendly to do with some hills?

I was thinking doing a car to bike such as... Starting at the Mohonk Visitor Center, take the Connector trail to the Stair Master, run up past the Uberfall to the Coxing Kill trail, run up to Lost City, go up the High Peterskills trail, go down to the Peterskills and then back up and do the upper cliff trail that leads to the Minnewaska Parking lot, where, if I still have some juice, could run up to the Upper Lot and then bike back.

So, any suggestions of creative hilly loops would be appreciated...