If you don't climb rock, then how are you so quick to identify the route Land Grab in a photo, and to identify rg by his name, given you just registered on the site a few days ago? Odd too to have posted on 3 fairly obscure climbers' sites yet nowhere else. Intriguing coincidence to as well, to have had a guidebook so handy to pull route names from.

I still give RG's response 16 stars.

Disingenuousness and unfulfilled promises ("coming soon") get you nowhere.
A name and current documents (i.e. not rehashed articles we've all seen years ago) will get you more sympathy.
You might have done better if you had waited till the court decisions you desired came out and posted them then as your first post, without hiding your identity. Now your "brand" is under heavy questioning. That could have been avoided, if you had been more thoughtful.