OK, so my wife just bought a sleek TomTom vehicle navigation system. Model XL 340.S to be precise. It's not a high end unit, if the price is any indication. I'm a confirmed non-user of such gadgets, so I am taking virtually no interest in this thing.


I imagine there may come a time when I could use GPS to help retrace my path through the woods and/or record the location of interesting cliffs or other features far from the road. A quick read through the entire manual that came with this unit, all dozen mini-pages of it, finds not a bit of info on how one would a) program in target coordinates (if I were to learn how to get these from a USGS map), b) enter "waypoints" along the inward trek, or c) navigate back through waypoints on the return. In short, it looks like this unit functions totally on roads and addresses. Am I missing something? Do only handheld Garmin/Magellan type units work off-road?

I imagine there is some help programmed into the machine, but we haven't turned it on yet (battery is still charging) and that would involve me actually TOUGHING the dern thing. eek