Well I had change of plans from my original trip. I decided I wanted to climb, I wanted to swim in crystal clear blue water, I wanted to be in Europe and I always had a thing about Sardinia so off I was.

My first stop was Belgium where I stayed about a 1 minute walk from the Grand Place. Well luck was on my side it turned at the Grand place beer festival was starting the day I arrived. I sampled more than a few beers from around Belgium and I have to say I did not find any beers that I did not enjoy! here are a few pics.

So after Belgium I was off to Venice for a few days. I was picked up at the airport by my friend Carlo who lives in prosecco wine country and told me "you know Prosecco Festival is going on in Valdobbiadene" so we scrapped plans to Venice and we were off to Valdobbiadene to drink prosecco. On the way we stopped for dinner and came across a traditional Venitian band.

Next mornig we toured around Valdobbiadene and sampled many prosecco wines from the area.

After the crazy drinking frenzy it was time to go to Sardinia and relax and that is what I did well sort of did. The first thing i did in Sardinia was strip down and jumped into the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I was in heaven! Sardinia has amazing clear blue water, huge Limestone walls all over the place. Also in Sardinia it's very tough to communicate with people 1 being not many speak English. 2 I speak very little Italian.
Even with the communication barrier I managed to get some climbing in and meet some very special people that well be friends for life. Here we are at a sport crag during smoke break the approach makes the uberfall seem miles away.

Sardinia is just a wonderful place and when you're there you can't stop saying to yourself Holy shit this place is absoultly amazing!
Now for the dreams of Sardinia!

John Okner Photography