Thanks Lisa. I got this reply from the race director tonight:

"We start on the red trail over looking the lake run clockwise around LK Minne on the red trail then make a left onto( ~3k) the green tail and run till green intersects the black trail at about 8k make a right onto black and run counterclockwise around LK Awosting then make a right onto the blue trail go up to highest point Castle Rock ~14k and follow blue down till it intersects the red trail make a right and follow back to start/finish line. 3 water stations 3k, 8k,14K(just water)"

It appears to be primarily carriage road type trails - Not single track - which is what I usually run. Here's hoping for 50 degrees. I can lose the camelbak for this one. My kind of running weather!

My last race, Gring's Mill was a half in June, 85 and humid at the Start! My Worst Time Ever and the only race I ever placed in - go figure. We all sucked alike in that heat. Ironically my award was a German Heat and Humidity Gauge, kinda like a cuckoo clock. Can't make that up!

Have fun at the Wag.