My husband wants to take our 8 year old daughter on her first overnight backpacking trip. Does anyone have any recommendation for hikes within 2 hours of New York City and meet the following criteria?:
- approximately 5-6 miles a day
- one overnight stay - preferably with a lean-to available or decent place to pitch a tent with water sources available.
- not overpopulated (i.e., not Harriman State Park)
- challenging enough to be interesting, but not too strenuous to discourage a kid (views, ridges, some scrambling would be cool, but very long and steep approaches or boring flat carriage-road type trail is not). Note: she loved scrambling over the Labyrinth trail near the Mohonk Mountain House and completed it without assistance.
- potential bail-out points so I can rescue them if she can't complete it (no whining!!!).