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Will Eccleston here with the Southeastern Climbers Coalition - www.seclimbers.org We are a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to preserving climbing opportunities in the southeast. To that end, we've entered a grant competition sponsored by Pepsi. We're in the running to win $250,000, with which we'd buy 2 climbing areas that are currently closed (we already own 5 and lease 2). The winners are decided entirely by public vote, so we're trying really hard to rally the entire climbing community. Voters can vote twice per day every day for the month of November, once on the web and once via text.

I was wondering if you might help us spread the word amongst your climbing group. If interested, I can send you a writeup we've been posting on other forums. You can read more about the competition and about us on our website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Whatever you decide, thank you for your consideration, and keep advocating for New Jersey climbers!

If you want the simple version, driving people to our site will get them all of the info. www.seclimbers.org Our ultimate goal is to get folks signed up for our daily voting reminder email list. Here's the full writeup we've been posting, and thank you again:

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition asks for YOUR help to secure access to 2 excellent crags currently closed to climbing. We have entered the Pepsi Refresh Project grant competition at the $250,000 level. The winners are determined by public e-voting. If we win, and that is entirely up to your diligence in voting and helping spread the word, the SCC will use the money to secure access to climbing areas in Alabama and Tennessee. The specific locations cannot be disclosed at this time because access hasn't yet been secured, but trust us, they're amazing properties to preserve and enjoy forevermore!

You may vote for the SCC's Land Acquisition Proposal twice per day (once via text and once via web), every single day, from November 1 to midnight November 30, 2010. Every vote is valuable and counts towards the cause! The proposal with the most votes WINS!

Please sign up for our daily voting reminder for the month of November by clicking here:


To vote twice right now, click here: http://www.refresheverything.com/seclimbers (Vote #1)

and text "104071" to the number 73774 (Vote #2)


Will Eccleston

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition

Preserving climbing areas for future generations to enjoy